Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mage Mojo Starts Providing Magento Services

One of the most prominent web hosting providers Mage Mojo announced recently that they have started providing Magento hosting to more than a thousand stores and to Magento developers. They also credited their immense growth and stability to the word-of-mouth marketing.
Mage Mojo’s announcement is regarded as retaliation to Nexcess’s announcement which was made less than a week which declared that the company will officially offer PCI DSS certified Magento services along with its hosting platform. Nexcess says its hosting services have sustained PCI compliance for some time. The distinction here, of course is that while “PCI compliance” is a promise based on a set of widely understood criteria (the PCI data security standard), certification requires the actual application of third-party audit to ensure the reliability of that promise.
Magento’s hold on the service provider arena grew 82 percent since last year which makes the popularity and demand for it plainly evident. The growing ecosystem visualizes the demand for web hosting providers to be a part of, and focus in, the open ecommerce platform.
Mage Mojo is a step ahead from its competitors in the industry as it is able to provide for the ecommerce platform at a lesser asking price since the time it developed its own technology to deal with the challenging ecommerce platform. Mage mojo says its platform merges VPS and cloud hosting to solve the problems that prevent various technologies from running Magento on their own. The end result is a platform for hosting made efficient enough for high performance, security and accessibility.
Eric Hileman the owner of Mage Mojo released a statement on Magento and Magento developers saying “We are now hosting over 1000 Magento stores and more store owners sign up for our hosting services daily. We are the only true Magento hosting specialists. Magento store owners are seeing this as they move to our hosting services.”
With more and more hosting providers starting to provide services of Magento, with its fortunate personality, the competition seems to be high, but as it has been proven in the past the best service providers will always thrive and the team with the most efficient Magento developer and Magentoprogrammers will always provide efficient services.


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