Monday, June 13, 2011

Rails 3.1.0.rc4 has been released!

I've pushed a 3.1.0.rc4. Please test it against your application against this release candidate and report any regressions to the rails core mailing list. I would like to hear your feedback, good or bad. Especially if it's good.

In two weeks, if there are no show stopping issues I will release the final version. If we do find regressions, I will publish another release candidate and we'll put another two weeks on the clock.

However, I will not wait two weeks between release candidates. I want to get the final done as quickly as possible, so I'll try to release RCs as quickly as possible.

 Here are some of the major changes to the RC branch:
  • escape_javascript safebuffer fixes
  • json_escape safebuffer fixes
  • RDoc / ruby-debug conflict fixes.
  • arel_table is cached unless the table_name changes
For an exaustive list, please check out the commits on github.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Ruby 1.9.3 Getting 36% Faster Loading Times

Xavier Shay is an Australian Rubyist who shares an issue with most of us: slow loading Rails 3 apps on Ruby 1.9.2! Unlike most of us, he put together a solution for ruby-head (what I'm calling 1.9.3 but isn't technically*) that, in my own tests, slashed 37% off the boot time of my Rails 3.0 app. He shared his work just a week ago. Awesome! But some other developments have occurred since..

* Just because things are in ruby-head doesn't mean they'll definitely make it into Ruby 1.9.3. Pragmatically, though, ruby-head seems to have attracted the 'Ruby 1.9.3' moniker and it makes for a better headline. Just don't get too upset if, for whatever reason, it gets yanked and delayed till Ruby 2.0.. ;-))

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Rails 3.0.8.rc3

Hey everybody! I've pushed Rails 3.0.8.rc3.

Hopefully this release candidate takes care of all the outstanding issues remaining. To see what has changed between 3.0.8.rc2 and 3.0.8.rc3, check out this link on github. If no regressions are found, I will release the final version 72 hours from now (Thursday, June 2nd around 1pm). Please let us know if this release candidate causes any regressions from the 3.0.7 version.

I'm still getting over my cold, so I promise that next release I will return to my normal level of excitement! ;-)


Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WordCamp San Francisco Call for Speakers

Tho annual WordPress conference, WordCamp San Francisco (home of the very first WordCamp), is now accepting speaker applications. Past speakers have included core WordPress developers, people building successful businesses on WordPress, popular bloggers, people from related projects and businesses…you name it. In addition to Matt Mullenweg’s annual “State of the Word” address, WCSF has played host to talks by people like Mark Jaquith, Matt Cutts, Richard Stallman, Scott Berkun, Karl Fogel, Tim Ferriss, Tara Hunt, Chris Pirillo, and John Lilly. With 3 days of content this year instead of just one, the list of speakers should be even more impressive. If you think you’d make a good addition to this year’s roster, check out the WCSF Call for Speakers.

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