Monday, June 6, 2011

Ruby 1.9.3 Getting 36% Faster Loading Times

Xavier Shay is an Australian Rubyist who shares an issue with most of us: slow loading Rails 3 apps on Ruby 1.9.2! Unlike most of us, he put together a solution for ruby-head (what I'm calling 1.9.3 but isn't technically*) that, in my own tests, slashed 37% off the boot time of my Rails 3.0 app. He shared his work just a week ago. Awesome! But some other developments have occurred since..

* Just because things are in ruby-head doesn't mean they'll definitely make it into Ruby 1.9.3. Pragmatically, though, ruby-head seems to have attracted the 'Ruby 1.9.3' moniker and it makes for a better headline. Just don't get too upset if, for whatever reason, it gets yanked and delayed till Ruby 2.0.. ;-))

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