Friday, June 22, 2012

DCKAP ROR Team Busts Major Myths

DCKAP today announced certain developments with its Ruby on Rails application development. DCKAP and its team of Ruby of Rails programmershave been developing application on the Rails platform with extreme competency for clients from all over the world.
DCKAP has its team of PHP developers too but to clarify certain queries their teams of Ruby on Rails developers and PHP developers have come up with details on the differences between ROR and PHP. DCKAP’s Ruby on Rails developers also came up with facts that broke the common myths about Ruby on Rails.
The major advantage in developing applications using the blocks provided by Ruby on Rails is that it exponentially reduces the time consumed for developing the applications and even during maintenance of the application time is saved as the Ruby on Rails programmers do not have to check each every line of code.
Another added advantage of this method is it becomes easier for a group of Ruby on Rails developers to write code in a uniform way and standardize the working procedure to make it simpler for further developments of a particular application.
Ruby on Rails developers clarified it to their clients that ROR is not a plug and play application with which web applications can be built but it is a programming language where lines of coding has to be done to develop applications. It was also explained the working of ROR where blocks of functions can be edited, used and re-used.
With clarifications such as this, Ruby on Rails developer have come forward and expressed their expectations from clients such as the time given for the completion of projects etc.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Busting the Stereotyped Myths about Ruby on Rails

Origin of Ruby on Rails
David Heinemeier Hansson created Ruby on Rails as a by-product during the development of Base camp. David collected some underpinning code from the application to use and re-use in the applications he was planning to develop down the line.
The framework which David built later proved to be extensible, expandable, and multi-purpose which was further developed and enhanced by a team of developers called the Ruby on Rails team. After making various enhancements Ruby on Rails evolved into an efficient software development team. 
General Ruby on Rails Properties
Rails are designed predominantly to develop web applications in an easier way and this enables the ROR developers to develop with mellowed down difficulties. Rails provides Ruby on Rails programmers with expendable building blocks which can be altered, used and re-used for any number of times which helps them to efficiently analyze the code. These blocks of code can be used by the Ruby on Rails developers to integrate and customize in any way found suitable by them so that the blocks can be converted to develop applications with their unique functionalities.
The major advantage in developing applications in the above way is this exponentially reduced the time consumed for developing the applications and even during maintenance of the application time is saved as the Ruby on Rails programmers do not have to check each every line of code. Another added advantage of this method is it becomes easier for a group of Rubyon Rails developers to write code in a uniform way and standardize the working procedure to make it simpler for further developments of a particular application. 
Busting Myth #1
 It is a fact that Ruby on Rails makes it a very simple task to build web applications in a very limited time span. It does have a lot of pre-built components which can be used, altered and re-used and a ton of built-in functionalities. But the actual framework of Ruby on Rails is code. It is definitely not a plug and play application which can be customized for the application that a developer wants to build by just integrating and editing the design along the way. Ruby on Rails developers are presented with a menu of code from which they can choose the block which is the most suitable for their application and they can modify, and extend to create a completely customized application. 
Busting Myth #2
“Rails make it easy” campaign has actually affected it in a slightly negative way hurting some Independent Rails development shops. Regardless of the application’s feature set clients are expecting Ruby on Rails developers to deliver the application within days. Rails actually saves the Ruby on Rails developers’ time by letting them concentrate more on application specific functionality rather than things like database connectivity. Heavy lifting required in building user interaction is completely taken care by Rails. Developers can use this pre-built code, and spend more time making applications that are more reliable and easier to use. Rails makes development more fun and it eliminates much of the tedium involved in building web applications, but it doesn’t build them for you. 
Busting Myth #3
Believing that to develop applications using Ruby on Rails the developer need not be a programmer is a farce. In reality there are more tasks in building an application using Ruby on Rails than just assembling components according to the design. 
It is true, however, that you might not need to be as experienced a developer to create a Rails application as you might need to be to build, for example, a PHP, Java, or Objective-C application. To build apps the Ruby on Rails developer has to be proficient in coding.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Business on Web Development and Application goes to Higher Norms with the help of Apt Ruby on Rails Developer

Fremont based global technology Services Company DCKAP announced today a proactive development initiative in Ruby on Rails technology for business to give higher norms to web applications.
Ruby on Rails, built from the Basecamp project by David Heinemeier Hansson, is a framework for rapid web application development. An object oriented programming language, Ruby has taken the concept from Smalltalk, ease of use from Python and flow from Pearl. Nearly 8 years later, Ruby on Rails has built itself a niche in the IT development world. DCKAP is a leading software company with experience and expertise in designing, developing and deploying solutions based on RoR application technology.
January 20, 2012, Rails 3.2 was released. The major improvements were the speed of resolving routes was improved. For the ease of development, Rails 3.2.3 had allowed any field to be set in a mass assignment action in a database record and then left it to the developer to lock down the application. The main features of Ruby on Rails (RoR) development include a Model View Controller (MVC) architecture that separates data from logic. The Rails database access library simplifies data handling. The Rails framework consists of extensive AJAX libraries. Ruby uses this library to generate AJAX code and the required Java script is automatically generated. The Ruby on Rails framework includes the following packages like ActiveRecord,  ActiveResource (Active Web Service Package),  ActionPack, Active Support, ActionMailer. The Ruby on Rails programmer can customize these packages by adding plug-ins. Ruby on Rails programmers can also extend the existing functionalities of these packages. Ruby on Rails development is used by the Ruby on Rails developer for providing object oriented and component based web application development services. Ruby on rails development companies provide Ruby on Rails developers, Ruby programmers and Rails experts. 
DCKAP’s experienced Ruby on Rails team, tuned in to the latest web technologies and aesthetics, with a broad palette of agile practices, help client projects succeed.  DCKAP has helped its customers build numerous applications using Rails from the tiniest part-time operations to the biggest companies.  DCKAP’s ROR experts both Onsite and Offshore have ample industrial expertise to develop seamless and cost effective web applications.
DCKAP ( is a Fremont, CA based global technology Services Company delivering technology driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of the clients. Founded in 2005, with offices in California & Colorado, USA, the UK, Australia and three development centers in India, DCKAP has earned appreciation from well respected Fortune 100 companies for its competent services

Monday, June 11, 2012

Magento Provides Various New Features For eCommerce Growth

Magento developers are keen on providing updates which act as a catalyst for the growth of the ecommerce platform. These frequently made updates range in various fields from Marketing to Managing Catalog.

Marketing Promotions and Tools

Merchants using Magento are benefitted by the new updates provided by the Magento developers as it increases the extensibility and the flexibility of their sites through which they cater to the masses. 
The simplicity of creating versatile promotions utilizing Magento’s flexible pricing rules enables the increase in conversion rates. Magento couples other utilities like Up-sells, Cross-sells etc to make sure that there is a definite increase in the Average Order Value. The Average order value (AOV) is a very simple and meaningful indicator for the performance of a website. It indicates how much money a customer spends when buying something on the website in question. As opposed to the number of items, the number in question here is referring to the total value of items purchased in one visit. With the Average Order Value enhanced, the site is definitely expected to make huge profits and only when that happens the Magento developers are satisfied.
The various Marketing tools provided by Magento’s suite provided the simplicity to apply sophisticated functionality to increase the site’s online sales.
Marketing Promotions and Tools Offering
  • Private (Club) Sales including Events, Invitations and Category access permissions.
  • Flexible Coupons (pricing rules) with ability to restrict to stores, customer groups, time period, products, and categories. For example: Percent Discount | Fixed Amount Discount | Free Shipping | Buy x, get y free. | Buy x, get y with percent or fixed amount discount | Buy x, get free shipping on order | Buy x, get percent discount | Buy x, get fixed amount discount.
  • Catalog Promotional Pricing by percentage or fixed amount with ability to restrict to stores, categories, products
  • Free Shipping Option
  • Multi-Tier Pricing for quantity discounts
  • Bundled Products
  • Customer Group-specific pricing and group-specific tier pricing
  • Landing Page Tool for Campaigns
  • Search Engine Friendly URL's
  • URL Rewrites
  • Recently Viewed Products
  • Recently Compared Items
  • New Items Promotional Tool
  • Up-sells in Shopping Cart
  • Cross-sells on product pages
  • Send to a Friend for all visitors, or registered users only
  • Send Wishlist to a Friend by Email or RSS
  • RSS Feeds for New Products, New Specials and New Tags
  • Auto-generated Site Map
  • Google Site Map
  • Polls
  • Newsletter Management
Magento Developers’ Understanding of Marketing
These various schemes, discounts, coupons etc are the basic factors which affect web marketing and this is understood by the Magento developer developing the sites. By segregating user groups into various factions the users and customers attain a sense of elite. By promoting a site in various ways the versatility of the site grows too. These are very minute developments which the Magento developers understand but however minute they are, the impact they have on the sales cannot be disregarded. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mage Mojo Starts Providing Magento Services

One of the most prominent web hosting providers Mage Mojo announced recently that they have started providing Magento hosting to more than a thousand stores and to Magento developers. They also credited their immense growth and stability to the word-of-mouth marketing.
Mage Mojo’s announcement is regarded as retaliation to Nexcess’s announcement which was made less than a week which declared that the company will officially offer PCI DSS certified Magento services along with its hosting platform. Nexcess says its hosting services have sustained PCI compliance for some time. The distinction here, of course is that while “PCI compliance” is a promise based on a set of widely understood criteria (the PCI data security standard), certification requires the actual application of third-party audit to ensure the reliability of that promise.
Magento’s hold on the service provider arena grew 82 percent since last year which makes the popularity and demand for it plainly evident. The growing ecosystem visualizes the demand for web hosting providers to be a part of, and focus in, the open ecommerce platform.
Mage Mojo is a step ahead from its competitors in the industry as it is able to provide for the ecommerce platform at a lesser asking price since the time it developed its own technology to deal with the challenging ecommerce platform. Mage mojo says its platform merges VPS and cloud hosting to solve the problems that prevent various technologies from running Magento on their own. The end result is a platform for hosting made efficient enough for high performance, security and accessibility.
Eric Hileman the owner of Mage Mojo released a statement on Magento and Magento developers saying “We are now hosting over 1000 Magento stores and more store owners sign up for our hosting services daily. We are the only true Magento hosting specialists. Magento store owners are seeing this as they move to our hosting services.”
With more and more hosting providers starting to provide services of Magento, with its fortunate personality, the competition seems to be high, but as it has been proven in the past the best service providers will always thrive and the team with the most efficient Magento developer and Magentoprogrammers will always provide efficient services.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Magento and AOE Media Join Hands for Powerful Online Marketing

Today at the Magento Imagine eCommerce 2012 conference, Magento, a leading eCommerce platform provider and division of X.commerce, Inc., an eBay Inc. company, announced that it worked with AOE media, a Magento partner system integrator, to successfully meet the commerce needs of Rovio Entertainment Ltd., creators of the popular Angry Birds game. The implementation highlights will be discussed later today in AOE media's session, "Deployment Pipeline for Magento Enterprise in the Cloud."

AOE media has sought Megneto Enterprise to host and scale to provide for the growing user volume. This is solely because of the increase in demand caused due to the epidemic brought to AOE media by Angry Birds.

Rovio’s Business Development Director spoke to the press recently and said “Since the inception of Angry Birds, our brand's explosive growth has led to more than 700 million downloads as of February. To help us, we approached Magento Programmers and AOE media for a solution to effectively handle the increase in demand of our webshop. We are pleased with the variety of tools available on the platform that have allowed us to create a unique and seamless shopping experience for our customers. Having the option to plug and play other capabilities gave us exactly the flexibility we were looking for."

Rovio has now developed a fully-scalable solution according to its business needs and it credits Magento’s flexible platform for the developments that have happened since it has joined hands with Magento.

The added advantage of Magento’s platform is that it allows integration with Shipwire extension which facilitates Rovio fulfillments services to automatically get the global warehouses managed. This develops the efficiency of shipping which in turn optimizes cost and an increase in global inventory availability.

With such rigorous developments in business for Rovio and AOE media they definitely needed services from Magento which was provided and proved to be fruitful.

DCKAP has an experienced and trained team of Magento eCommerce developers, both onsite and offshore. Design services specializing in custom Magento development from Magento programmers, Magento programmer, Magento developers, Magento developer, Magento commerce developer, Magento commerce developers, Magento commerce programmer, Magento commerce programmers.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Ruby 1.9.3-p194 is released

This release include Security Fix for RubyGems: SSL server verification failure for remote repository. And many bugs are fixed in this release. 

Security Fix for RubyGems: SSL server verification failure for remote repository

This release includes two security fixes in RubyGems.
  • Turn on verification of server SSL certs
  • Disallow redirects from https to http
Users who uses https source in .gemrc or /etc/gemrc are encouraged to upgrade to 1.9.3-p194.
Following is excerpted from RubyGems 1.8.23 release note [1].
"This release increases the security used when RubyGems is talking to an https server. If you use a custom RubyGems server over SSL, this release will cause RubyGems to no longer connect unless your SSL cert is globally valid.

You can configure SSL certificate usage in RubyGems through the :ssl_ca_cert and :ssl_verify_mode options in ~/.gemrc and /etc/gemrc. The recommended way is to set :ssl_ca_cert to the CA certificate for your server or a certificate bundle containing your CA certification.
You may also set :ssl_verify_mode to 0 to completely disable SSL certificate checks, but this is not recommended."

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