Friday, June 22, 2012

DCKAP ROR Team Busts Major Myths

DCKAP today announced certain developments with its Ruby on Rails application development. DCKAP and its team of Ruby of Rails programmershave been developing application on the Rails platform with extreme competency for clients from all over the world.
DCKAP has its team of PHP developers too but to clarify certain queries their teams of Ruby on Rails developers and PHP developers have come up with details on the differences between ROR and PHP. DCKAP’s Ruby on Rails developers also came up with facts that broke the common myths about Ruby on Rails.
The major advantage in developing applications using the blocks provided by Ruby on Rails is that it exponentially reduces the time consumed for developing the applications and even during maintenance of the application time is saved as the Ruby on Rails programmers do not have to check each every line of code.
Another added advantage of this method is it becomes easier for a group of Ruby on Rails developers to write code in a uniform way and standardize the working procedure to make it simpler for further developments of a particular application.
Ruby on Rails developers clarified it to their clients that ROR is not a plug and play application with which web applications can be built but it is a programming language where lines of coding has to be done to develop applications. It was also explained the working of ROR where blocks of functions can be edited, used and re-used.
With clarifications such as this, Ruby on Rails developer have come forward and expressed their expectations from clients such as the time given for the completion of projects etc.


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