Friday, June 15, 2012

Business on Web Development and Application goes to Higher Norms with the help of Apt Ruby on Rails Developer

Fremont based global technology Services Company DCKAP announced today a proactive development initiative in Ruby on Rails technology for business to give higher norms to web applications.
Ruby on Rails, built from the Basecamp project by David Heinemeier Hansson, is a framework for rapid web application development. An object oriented programming language, Ruby has taken the concept from Smalltalk, ease of use from Python and flow from Pearl. Nearly 8 years later, Ruby on Rails has built itself a niche in the IT development world. DCKAP is a leading software company with experience and expertise in designing, developing and deploying solutions based on RoR application technology.
January 20, 2012, Rails 3.2 was released. The major improvements were the speed of resolving routes was improved. For the ease of development, Rails 3.2.3 had allowed any field to be set in a mass assignment action in a database record and then left it to the developer to lock down the application. The main features of Ruby on Rails (RoR) development include a Model View Controller (MVC) architecture that separates data from logic. The Rails database access library simplifies data handling. The Rails framework consists of extensive AJAX libraries. Ruby uses this library to generate AJAX code and the required Java script is automatically generated. The Ruby on Rails framework includes the following packages like ActiveRecord,  ActiveResource (Active Web Service Package),  ActionPack, Active Support, ActionMailer. The Ruby on Rails programmer can customize these packages by adding plug-ins. Ruby on Rails programmers can also extend the existing functionalities of these packages. Ruby on Rails development is used by the Ruby on Rails developer for providing object oriented and component based web application development services. Ruby on rails development companies provide Ruby on Rails developers, Ruby programmers and Rails experts. 
DCKAP’s experienced Ruby on Rails team, tuned in to the latest web technologies and aesthetics, with a broad palette of agile practices, help client projects succeed.  DCKAP has helped its customers build numerous applications using Rails from the tiniest part-time operations to the biggest companies.  DCKAP’s ROR experts both Onsite and Offshore have ample industrial expertise to develop seamless and cost effective web applications.
DCKAP ( is a Fremont, CA based global technology Services Company delivering technology driven business solutions that meet the strategic objectives of the clients. Founded in 2005, with offices in California & Colorado, USA, the UK, Australia and three development centers in India, DCKAP has earned appreciation from well respected Fortune 100 companies for its competent services


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