Monday, May 7, 2012

Magento’s Updates and the 4 Million Mark

DCKAP an active acquaintance with Magento which has been providing various Ecommerce services has announced its escalation in the collaboration with Magento as it advances with the new Magento Enterprise 1.12 and Community 1.7. As Magento marked its 4 Millionth download earlier this year, it proudly engraved its name in the Hall of Fame for one of the most used open source ecommerce web application. 
DCKAP is one of the early firms to embrace these upgrades by Magento as they are considered to be vital and indispensable improvements. As millions of businesses are flocking Technology services like DCKAP which is a marveling firm, it is only wise for them to boost their effectiveness in their services. DCKAP has an experienced and trained team of Magento eCommerce developers, both onsite and offshore. Design services specializing in custom Magento development from Magento programmers, Magento programmer, Magento developers, Magento developer, Magento commerce developer, Magento commerce developers, Magento commerce programmer, Magento commerce programmers.
Upgrades and Enhancements
The new version of Magento is said to have satisfied majority of pending queries and requests for additional features which have been suggested by its customers and clients for some time now.
Basic factors such as support for custom currency symbols have been addressed in its release notes but Magento Team mentions that such requests can be only looked upon with respect to the forum discussions as small queries in the forums often go unnoticed if they are not experienced by a faction which is in plain sight.
Inclusion of captcha codes in certain forms has been highlighted as a security enhancement as well as upturn which will sweep away spam and unwanted bots. Customers who have been finding the base prices diverse from their purpose are assured that each customer will be placed in a group with respect to their requirements and aspects, and base prices will be assigned accordingly.
Due to increasing magnitudes of data and inconsistencies arising due to that, Magento has manifested the already existing feature of Backup and Rollback in with new exalts.  With globally spanning markets the new VAT ID validation for B2B sales in Europe has licensed all markets utilizing Magento to trade with ease.
DCKAP’s plunge into mobile applications is no strange affair to Magento too. As all fields of technology are falling into hands of personal users with their mobile phones it is an obvious development that Magento jumps into the Mobile platform. The new HTML5 based theme for mobile devices has moved towards an elegant and legible platform which tends to have simple GUI’s.
Though there are numerous eCommerce Platforms available Magento still holds the place for the most reliable and to grasp such a position and to hold to it needs immense team insight and proficiency. For any trade or business procedures the efficiency of accomplishment relies significantly on choosing the apt resource for developing and providing specifications and requirements comprehensibly.


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