Thursday, December 29, 2011

Magento Developers Make Batch Import / Export of Data Super Easy

Magento 1.5 comes with a new core module called ImportExport that is fast.  Using the import/export tool one can imports products en masse. It is easier when adding, say, fifty products all at once – create a csv or xml file with the required fields from the database and import the products. Conversely, you can retrieve a csv or xml file through export.

Export also lets you export all the products. Say, when moving a website or to reinstall/ upgrade a website.

Apart from using import to update existing products, magento developers can create new ones

The flexibility offered in the interface means it can be used to communicate with the outside world, including legacy systems, third party applications, price aggregators, external order sources, fulfillment systems, accounting, etc.

The new import/export module is faster

Import or export is a for all purposes, just a transfer between one medium and another, loading data from one resource, applying alterations / reformatting, and saving to another resource – database and local file, ftp server and database, parsed html page and Excel spreadsheet, Google Spreadsheet and catalog, and so on.

External resources can generally be one of the following:
•   Local files
•  ftp, sftp servers
•  Database tables
•  Soap services
•  Standard input / output
•  http interface
•  html source
•  Google Spreadsheets
•  Custom resources such as specialized db interface, cache repository, etc.

A Magento Developer can import and export essentially anything

Import / Export in Magento includes:
•  Adding and/or editing batched product data via a file (MS-EXCEL, CSV and Tab-Separated values)
•  customer batch export
•  Batch export any type of data in any implemented format and import back after changes
•  Data export for pricing aggregators (, priceGrabber, bizrate …); automatically ftp the files.
•  Data import and integration with third party ERP / inventory management / accounting applications (SAP, Great Plains, MAS 90/2000, Oracle, Netsuite, Quickbooks, Peachtree …)
•  Integration with third party CRM solutions (SugarCRM, SalesLogix,, ACT …)
•  Integration with order management applications and EDI interfaces
•  Fetching or publishing RSS/Atom feeds such as new products, special prices, product availability, order status, etc.
•   Add/edit/remove products using the import/export tool
•   Automatically import simple grouped and configurable products
•  Import Customers with csv file
•  Import Manufacturers
•  index
•  Magento Attribute Reference Card
•  Stock Level Import Script
•  Use Magento connect to export products to VTiger

It also imports configurable products, custom product options, multiple categories & multiple images, etc.

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