Monday, November 21, 2011

Rails 3.1.3 has been released

Rails 3.1.3 has been released. This release mainly contains fixes for regressions that popped up in 3.1.2.
Action Pack:
  • Downgrade sprockets to ~> 2.0.3. Using 2.1.0 caused regressions.
  • Fix using translate helper with a html translation which uses the :count option for pluralization.
    Jon Leighton
Active Record:
  • Perf fix: If we're deleting all records in an association, don't add a IN(..) clause to the query. GH 3672
    Jon Leighton
  • Fix bug with referencing other mysql databases in settablename. GH 3690
  • Fix performance bug with mysql databases on a server with lots of other databses. GH 3678
    Christos Zisopoulos and Kenny J
  • New apps should be generated with a sass-rails dependency of 3.1.5, not 3.1.5.rc.2
As ever, you can see a full list of changes on Github.

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